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Comprehensive Analysis and Management of Your Wealth

Detailed wealth analysis using your asset and liability data

Providing expert reviews to pinpoint high-performing and underperforming assets.

Create a precise investment re-plan to achieve goals and secure required monthly cash flows.

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How does Family Wealth Builder work?


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Client Testimonials

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Mr. Sripad Krishnamurthi
I've been with RupeeRakshak for over five years now, and I can't express how satisfied I am with their services. Their expert advisors have helped me make informed investment decisions that have significantly grown my wealth. RupeeRakshak truly lives up to its name – it's my shield against financial uncertainty!
Rajesh Sharma
I've entrusted RupeeRakshak with my investments for a decade, and it's been a wise decision. Their team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the market and a commitment to my financial goals. They've helped me navigate through market ups and downs, ensuring a secure financial future for my family.
Meera Patel
As a young investor, I was initially overwhelmed by the complexities of the financial world. RupeeRakshak made it simple for me. They took the time to educate me about different investment options and created a customized plan that aligns perfectly with my goals. Thanks to them, I'm on track to achieve my financial dreams.
Arjun Singh
Retirement can be a daunting phase, but RupeeRakshak made it worry-free for me. Their retirement planning services were meticulous, and they ensured that I have a steady income stream for my golden years. I highly recommend RupeeRakshak to anyone seeking financial peace of mind.

Sunita Kapoor

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Family Wealth Builder offers long-term financial planning, assessing your assets, debts, income, and spending to determine the funds required to achieve future family goals.

The Family Wealth Builder team conducts thorough analyses of your wealth by examining your asset and liability data. We offer expert reviews to identify high-performing and underperforming assets. Tailoring our approach to your future financial objectives, we craft precise investment re-plans aimed at achieving goals and ensuring necessary monthly cash flows.

Family Wealth Builder will analyze all your data based on the following headers:
  • Family financial goals
  • Income and expense data for all family members
  • Consolidated financial asset
  • All your health & life insurance data
  • Property & Non cash Assets
  • Loans & Liability

  • • One-time Fee: Rs. 5000+GST
  • Reason: Platform tools and expert analysis by our research team.
  • Monthly Fee: Rs. 850 (auto-debited)
  • Reason: Comprehensive tracking of investments in mutual funds, stocks, and bonds through a secure online platform.

Monthly charges are levied to cover the ongoing platform management and administration costs incurred by us. These charges also cover a range of activities, including portfolio monitoring, rebalancing, research, and client communication. Additionally, it ensures continuous access to professional.

  • Families with an income exceeding a lakh or two and are seeking serious asset building with expert guidance.
  • • Individuals with diverse investments in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, deposits, properties, and insurance policies.

Those managing multiple DEMAT & bank accounts, mutual fund and insurance advisors, finding consolidated money management challenging.

Features Other Platform (IFA, MF advisors, Trading platform) Family Wealth Builder
Sebi Registered No. Most of them are distributors or brokers Wealth Builder, is from a SEBI Registered Advisory company, FINMO
Customized Plans Readymade or DIY plans without understanding your financial targets Wealth Builder looks at overall family wealth, cash assets, non-cash assets like property, tax planning, addressing cash needs for immediate and future periods
One Stop Tracking No You can check all your investments in MF, Equity Baskets or Bonds on one single window.
Fees They earn Commissions from MF companies by selling their readymade plans Wealth Builder comes from a pure fee only advisory company and does not make any commission on schemes

Yes, You can login to rupeerakshak.com with Mobile OTP and view all your portfolio in a single view.

To see the performance of our baskets please click the link ------------------

We have a Research team that focus on multiple assets, like equity, debt, in India and Globe. We track the price moves in different assets and accordingly Advisory team headed by Sri Mohan Krishnarao makes the advisory call on portfolio.

No. You can exit whenever you want.

Yes, FINMO is a SEBI Registered Company with RIA No:INA200014900.

Rupee Rakshak is a brand of SEBI registered company, Finmo. Rupee Rakshak has ready-to-invest portfolios of stocks, mutual funds and bonds that are research-based and hand-picked by experts.