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Are you seeking personalized investment solutions?

FINVEST: Portfolio Advisory Service
Active management of your customized investments portfolio across the equity, debt and mix of it, to minimize the risks and achieve the predetermined returns.

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Minimum Investment in a Finvest is ₹30 lakhs By submitting your email address, mobile number and any other personal information on this website, you consent that such information is being collected, held, used, and disclosed in accordance with our privacy policy.

Why Finvest?

High Level Customization
Active Management of Portfolio
Consolidated Tracking of the Performance
Cheapest Plan in the Market

Finvest Plans

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Client Testimonials

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Mr. Sripad Krishnamurthi
I've been with RupeeRakshak for over five years now, and I can't express how satisfied I am with their services. Their expert advisors have helped me make informed investment decisions that have significantly grown my wealth. RupeeRakshak truly lives up to its name – it's my shield against financial uncertainty!
Rajesh Sharma
I've entrusted RupeeRakshak with my investments for a decade, and it's been a wise decision. Their team has consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of the market and a commitment to my financial goals. They've helped me navigate through market ups and downs, ensuring a secure financial future for my family.
Meera Patel
As a young investor, I was initially overwhelmed by the complexities of the financial world. RupeeRakshak made it simple for me. They took the time to educate me about different investment options and created a customized plan that aligns perfectly with my goals. Thanks to them, I'm on track to achieve my financial dreams.
Arjun Singh
Retirement can be a daunting phase, but RupeeRakshak made it worry-free for me. Their retirement planning services were meticulous, and they ensured that I have a steady income stream for my golden years. I highly recommend RupeeRakshak to anyone seeking financial peace of mind.

Sunita Kapoor

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Finvest is a Portfolio Advisory Service on rupeerakshak.com from FINMO. The Portfolio of equity & Debt instruments is customised for your risk-return needs and aim to achieve the desired returns in specified time.

Minimim capital is 30 Lakhs and multiples of 5 Lakhs then on, no upper limit.

There are 3 plans to suit investor’s risk appetite and targeted return
  • a. Conservative (Low Risk / Targeted Return: 8-9%)
  • b. Moderate (Medium Risk / Targeted Return: 12-13%)
  • c. Aggressive (High Risk / Targeted Return: 15%+)

5 years (Minimum) in Moderate & Aggressive Portfolios. Instant returns & monthly cash flow option in Conservative Portfolio.

Our dedicated team will assist in selecting a right portfolio option aligned with your targeted return and risk profile.

  • Step 1. Our experts will share the portfolio plan with expected returns &you will confirm your acceptance
  • Step 2. Experts will facilitate the planned investments in MF baskets, Stock Baskets, and Bond baskets and the ops team will assist with online accounts and transactions
  • Step 3. We actively manage the portfolio mix of equity and debt, based on market dynamics, and you need to follow the timely advice for returns performance.

It is available only in Conservative portfolio. The periodic interest income is paid you like a monthly salary by 1st of every month. Every month you can take home 0.6% of your total AUM. For example, a 30L capital you get 20K every month from the very next month, from the profits accumulation. Same way, for a 3Cr you can get 2L per month.


Yes and our team can guide you with the whole process step by step. For stock baskets and bond baskets suggested under FINVEST, you need to open a demat account and for Mutual fund baskets, you need to open online MF account.

No, as the monthly payment is taken out of the interest earned from the portfolio investment.

No, monthly cash option is available only in conservative Portfolio Option. You can take out money in emergency only from Moderate or aggressive portfolio option.

Yes, FINMO is a SEBI Registered Company with RIA No:INA200014900.

Rupee Rakshak is a brand of SEBI registered company, Finmo. Rupee Rakshak has ready-to-invest portfolios of stocks, mutual funds and bonds that are research-based and hand-picked by experts.

We have a Research team that focus on multiple assets, like equity, debt, in India and Globe. We track the price moves in different assets and accordingly Advisory team headed by Sri Mohan Krishnarao makes the advisory call on portfolio.

No. You can exit whenever you want.

Portfolio Fee: One-time fee: A one-time fee of Rs.5000+GST Monthly fee: 0.5% per annum, for 30L, 15K/year but collected as 1250/month The fee is charged for managing the portfolio of Stock Baskets, MF baskets, Bonds Baskets and dynamic shifting of assets to protect returns.

Basket Fees: The Basket suggested under FINVEST, is commonly managed portfolios, that has very nominal subscription and monitoring & reporting fees. Minimum investments for these baskets are very low and those who smaller capital can directly buy these baskets.

Together your Fee will be well within 1%, which is a the lowest in the industry compared to any other portfolio returns service available in India or abroad.

You can check out on our Cost-Return calculator, to know more.

It will be auto-debited monthly to your bank account through an e-mandate. Fee will be debited separately for FINVEST portfolio and underlying baskets as per subscription.

You can explore our Mutual fund baskets on rupeerakshak.com, choose your need or goal and directly invest small amount, all by yourself. You can also invest directly in Bond baskets or Stock Baskets, watch the demo video there to understand. If you have larger capital more than 30L, FINVEST will do this for you.

No. Whatever be upside returns, it is all yours. We do not charge profit share.

No, we will not charge any exit fee at portfolio level. But baskets that are part of the portfolio will have transactional charges, brokerage or MF exit loads, if applicable.

  • Baskets of stocks, mutual fund schemes or bonds are meant for tech-friendly investors with small capital in “Do It Yourself-DIY” mode.
  • Finvest is for those with capital of 30L or more and needing professional assistance in getting returns as per their risk-return profile. This take managing the portfolio as per market cycles, asset performances, choosing right basket mix of equity, MF and bonds.

Monthly charges are levied to cover the ongoing management and administration costs incurred by us. These charges cover a range of activities, including portfolio monitoring, rebalancing, research, and client communication. Additionally, it ensures continuous access to professional expertise.

Yes, You can login to rupeerakshak.com with Mobile OTP and view all your portfolio in a single view.

To see the performance of our baskets please click the link ------------------

  • High level Customization
  • Active management of Portfolio
  • Consolidated tracking of the performance
  • Cheapest plan in the Market