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About Us

Rupee Rakshak brings you ready-to-invest portfolios of stocks, mutual funds and bonds that are research-based and hand-picked by experts. These portfolios or 'Baskets' are carefully constructed keeping your life goals and financial needs in mind. Whatever may be your investment amount or money needed to meet your goals such as a dream house, a dream vacation, funding your start-up or your kids' marriage, Rupee Rakshak has the right Basket for you to invest your money, grow it and reap the rewards in time for your needs.

Rupee Rakshak is a brand of Finmo , a SEBI registered investment advisor (RIA) with registration number INA200014900.

Rupee Rakshak Equity baskets comprise of stocks of well-researched and established businesses that are part of standard Nifty stock market indices.

Rupee Rakshak Mutual Fund Baskets enable you to invest in a bouquet of mutual funds that are grouped to suit your risk profile and your investment goals, both long and short term. Whether your need is to save cash for emergencies now or for your future retirement, there's a tailor-made basket of funds that you can invest in just a few clicks.

If you are a conservative investor who prefers fixed periodic income over market-linked returns, Rupee Rakshak brings you the Bond Baskets. You can choose to invest in a Government Guaranteed Bond that gives you quarterly, fixed interest of around 9.5% or a higher-risk private bond that can give more than 10% periodic interest payment. Please note that the net gains from the bonds also depend on bond-market yields.

Please consult the SEBI-registered advisory team of Rupee Rakshak to select a product that suits your risk profile and investment needs. Happy Investing with Rupee Rakshak, your life long companion and wealth creator!